The second event at the brewery!
At the occasion of the Soulpicks Festival for that day, we open our brewery for a tour-tasting followed by a groovy record session together with Siepo from Black Gold Amsterdam and Paul Wolf especially coming from Germany!
- mini tasting or welcome taste for everyone that comes through soulpicks.
- guided tours at 16:30 and 17:30
- Dj set from 16h till 20h
- bites and kombucha

12th of May
I will be hosting a kombucha and oyster bar at the occasion of the 3rd edition of Soif Amsterdam that takes place at Hotel de Goudfazant !
You will be able to taste all the kombucha I'm currently brewing and pair it with one of my favorite oyster since they come from my born area and are produced by one of the best producer I name N°3 from J-P Bluzat straight from Denneville in Normandie!
Get ready to meet the ocean and to pair it with single estate tea kombucha, naturally carbonated, unfiltered and aged!
Get your tickets, reservation and all you need to know by following that link: Soif Amsterdam



Welcome to the very First Sunday at the brewery!

We are super excited to create and try that format with you!
On that Liberation Day, together with Siebrand Black Gold Amsterdam, we invite you to free up that rhythm for far too long hold on your hips!

For that specific occasion on that Liberation Day, Siebrand will take his turntables, records, and coffee beans out. I will make sure you won't dry out by providing you the best real estate tea kombucha on tap you can ever find! Get some proper unfiltered kombucha on tap, awesome cold brew coffee and AeroPressed coffee!
Some proper dutch organic bitterball from Mycophilia will be also part of the game Yo!


*event link*



"You might have tried already the Dutch cricket burger...you might have drink kombucha as well...
But have you ever dine together with the crickets, on a setting where the lamps are made of Scoby's and as an introduction to the party Max Abysmal will do a live set together with the crickets themselves? Will follow on the line-up Fenna Fiction and Julia Mira

In order to spice up the menu, I will also give you to taste kombucha but also our home-made 3 months old kimchi from the leftover cabbage from the last event I organized in January at Garage Noord!

What this night is about?
Fine dining with future food, live music set, thinking of our future but mostly grab that suspended time together! "

🌖 Een ''super sustainable'', 2 gangen diner door Buch Brothers Kombucha
🌗 Live concert by The Abysmal Cricket Orchestra
🌘 Bijgestaan door Dj sets van Fenna Fiction en Julia Mira

☛ Reserveren kan via info@garagenoord.com of 0639196086


*link to the event *

1st febuary 2019


International Gruit Day At Butcher's tears!



Opening of the brewery:

tasting of the Impressions and Grand Cru kombucha and serving Lapsang souchong and Jasmine Kombucha from the tap!


17 January 2019


‘Nabe Session’ - presented by The Buch Brothers & Otemba


The Buch Brothers & Otemba Presents: ‘Nabe session’
Diner | 18:00 - 22:00 (vlees & vegetarisch)
Feest | 22:00 - 03:00
Schade | €35,-

Line up

18:00 - 20:00: Dj Kei (uit Tokyo)
20:00 - 22:00: Dj Satoshi Yamamura (Okonkole Y Trompa)
22:30 - 03:00: Dj Nori (Posivision, Snork Enterprises)


Artwork : Teruyuki Kurihara

On January the 17th we will dive into the depths of Japanese culture with Nabemono, Kombucha and Sake. During this evening talented DJ’s from Japan will fill the space with their electronic soundwaves.

Nabemono, also known as ‘Nabe’, is a traditional Japanese dish that is served during the winter season. The ‘Nabe’ is being enjoyed in the company of others during the cold days of the year. Nicolas Adam from The Buch Brothers, will prepare the mayor part of the home-made dish for you under the guidance of the Japan Crew. You, as our honored guest, are in charge of finishing the dish by executing the last cooking phase that takes place on a table stove in a traditional nabe bowl.

Asides from the ‘Nabe’ you are offered several tastes of kombucha and a range of high-quality sake from warm, cold to almost sweet. These drinks will keep you energized and warm and will pair smoothly with the ‘Nabe.’

When evening turns into the night we will slowly move from the dining experience to a complete focus on what the intriguing DJ’s from Japan have to offer us!

We will have limited spots available this evening so we advise all of you are interested to make a reservation.

link of the event


31st December 2018


Na het succes van Oud & Gloednieuw (2016) en Oud & Nieuw-Nieuw (2017) is het alweer tijd voor de derde editie en gaan we er weer voor met Oud & Op Naar Nieuw! Verwacht net als vorige jaren een doldwaze avond met heerlijk diner, de oliebollenloterij, muziek & feest in de bootjes en het Café!

Wij beginnen deze laatste avond van het jaar met een groots diner. Onze chefs zijn helemaal geïnspireerd geraakt en koken het meest heerlijke drie gangen diner voor jullie. Als de gangen titels krijgen dan weet je dat het goed zit. Bij iedere gang hebben zij een aparte Kombucha van Buch Brothers Kombucha geselecteerd die bij het diner is inbegrepen, en voor dit smakelijke extravaganza gaan we even goed zitten met z'n allen! Voor diegenen met hun eigen dinerplannen maar toch de danspasjes al in de benen hebben we ook een los kaartje voor alleen het feestje.

Over The Bridge (vooraf):
Gegrilde pruikzwam, ingemaakt ei, huisgemaakte ravioli, bouillon van miso, tarwekiembrood

The Day We Almost Served Goose (hoofd):
Spelt risotto in geglazuurde koolblad, groentenjus,
gekarameliseerde andijvie, gegrilde seizoensgroente

Wasted (dessert):
Dacquoise, mousseline praline, zoete paneer, geconfijte aubergine.

Artwork by: Vincent Trouillard

more info & reservation click here

9th september


Kaagman & Kortekaas


Sunday I've been supporting 010/020 diners with the Darjeeling FTGFOP1 black first flush. The kombucha was paired with the great desert of Lydia Carrera from Aloha.
Great combination on how to finish a menu with a different dept than wine.
Thank you so much for the experience and good luck for New York!
Special thanks to Guus Thijssen & Maureen de Jong for inviting my product!

1st of september:


Icarus festival at the Ceuvel!


Time to bring the Impressions & Grand Cru out on a Kombucha bar!

Sunday 12 August 2018


Welcome to Skate café for the closing party. Kombucha cocktails, new flavours, oysters and foto exhibition are on the program!

Behind the camera & on the editing: Maud Schijven.

Skaters: Turi, Melle, Moos, Derk, all part of the staff of Skate Café.

Purpose: how to bring together everyone skills, to make projects, grow together and be part of our environement.


Inspiration Larry Clark

Sunday 29 jully 2018


Welcome to the first edition of the Koning Session!
The Buch Brothers Kombucha & Black Gold team up to give you an experimental sunday infused with coffee, taste like kombucha & served with groovy tunes!
Special guest for the closing of the first session, Zeger de Vos!
Come to try fine coffee, to discover and taste a locally produced kombucha and celebrate sunday with us with some great tunes!

About the closing we will host Zeger de Vos who is a composer and sound artist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Combining laptop, modular synthesizer, field recordings and controllers, he creates sublime virtual universes of entangled sonic entities. He grips the audience by immersing them into sonic plains of otherworldly colours and textures, resulting in a sometimes meditative, but more often deeply contemplative experience. His latest work 'Expired Sceneries' is digitally published by Seattle Dott Records.

Currently he is working on his next album and at Black Gold he will give us a glimpse into this new work.



Location: Black Gold

Fry. 1st of June 2018


Collaborative event with Black Gold, Butcher's Tears,  Radical Cut Up, Sandberg Black Union Student.

Location Butcher's Tears Backyard.

Cocktail: "Spitfire" made with Lapsang Souchong Kombucha, coffee, jennever...



Line up:

Paul Funk That
Felix and friend Radical Cut Up

Sat. 21 April 2018


The Buch Brothers are partners of The Selfish Project at Zoku! Check that out ! Selfish

Cocktail Night at Garage Noord
Dj: Nosedrip & Mikkel O.Barsk
Cocktails: French 75 - Spicy Grey
Video: Nichi
Music: Berurier Noir "vivre libre ou mourir"

kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktails, amsterdam, tea, the buch brothers, sustainable, food hallen, yoga, no bullshit retreats, drink, green

23 Febuary 2018


The Buch Brothers are partners for the launch party of No Bullshit Retreats, at the Maker Store in the Food Hallen, come and check what yoga is made of! For this ocasion we will present a new cocktail, reinterprating the "French 75"

Click Me!

kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktails, amsterdam, tea, the buch brothers, sustainable, chiropractice center, thrive, prinsengracht, drink, green, healthy

16 Febuary 2018


We are invited to talk about our kombucha at Thrive Chiropractice Center, 175 Prinsengracht (Amsterdam), you are welcome to come, taste and meet the chiropracticians and more!

kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktails, amsterdam, tea, the buch brothers, sustainable, fermentation, workshop, cafe de ceuvel, amsterdam noord, green

4 Febuary 2018


Workshop at the Ceuvel: Back to the source of kombucha, what kombucha is, what kombucha should taste, we have now our definition of kombucha, it's first of all about tea, how to make it? Ritual is the key, we will be giving a tasting combine to a workshop at the Ceuvel Sunday. See you there!


kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktails, amsterdam, tea, the buch brothers, sustainable, cafe de ceuvel, metabolic, lab, green

31 December 2017


To celebrate the new year's evening we open a kombucha cocktail lounge on the Metabolic Lab at the Ceuvel with 2 new cocktails focused on local liquors (Damrak gin, Jutter, Zuidam Oude Jenever) and introduce the Lapsang Souchong cocktail paired with flat oysters !

kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktails, amsterdam, tea, the buch brothers, sustainable, dinner, opening, tarte au citron, drink

20 December 2017


Organisation of the Christmas dinner for the Student of Sandbarg Instituut, cooking local and seasonnal while pairing the Earl Grey Kombucha with a new dessert creation. Kombucha cocktail party with 4 new cocktails involving cachaça, absinthe, tonka bean, grapefruits...

the buch brothers kombucha, vandebron, sustainable, sustainability, kombucha, tea, organic

15 December 2017


Geitenwollen sokken Vandebron : het atelier. The Buch Brothers are partners of the Vandebron event for the launch party of those cool socks that can also be transformed in shoes!


kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktails, amsterdam, tea, the buch brothers

1 December 2017



An evening dedicated to tastes & tunes. Come join us for your Friday drinks!

Kombucha cocktails by Marc Goossens

Bar bites by Domenico Frascino Offbeat, no beat and beaty tunes by Accuraat &  DJ Pastilha


14 December 2017

Inclusive Architecture


Frame Work Factory

Lecture on Inclusive architecture, architecture as a growing development, which gives instead of takes from it’s surrounding. It is sowed, takes root and during it’s growth enriches it’s environment in a symbiotic relation . When matured, it spreads it’s seeds to different places so new developments can take root.

12 October 2017

Reshaping Economics 


What is this ‘economy’, which we are we part of? How does it work, what kinds of things does it create, and what does it destroy? And: can we shape it? Can we design it? Or is the economy a force of nature, beyond our control? Joris Tieleman, co-founder of the student movement Rethinking Economics, will discuss these questions in a night of debate and idea exchange.

kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktails, amsterdam, tea, the buch brothers, sustainable,

20 October 2017



Even better than Liquidlab#1 focus on the tea.

kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktails, amsterdam, tea, the buch brothers, sustainable, liquid lab, sandberg instituut

6 October 2017



Opening of the bar at the Brewery with 3 new Kombucha Cocktails.

Exhibition of works from: Abigail Mc Phee, Cuppens & Guerrero.

Music: Dj Down the rabbit hole.

kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktails, amsterdam, tea, the buch brothers, sustainable, sandberg instituut, opening, dinner, sustainable

4 October 2017


Sandberg Instituut opening: time to cook and organise an event from the breakfast to the 3 course menu for the dinner  and serve Kombucha the all day paired with all kind of dishes inspired by the season and local products.  Kombucha cocktail night to digest the day with on the line up to spin awesome tunes the legendary Femke!

kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktails, amsterdam, tea, the buch brothers, sustainable, radio, broadcast, oedipus brewery, jajajaneeneenee

6 Jully 2017


Radio broadcast on Jajajaneeneenee, at 15H with Arbeit, Rick Nelson of Oedipus Brewing, the Buch Brothers, Nico Stephou of Halcyon Veil and Eduardo Léon.


Organisation: Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Location of the show: Amsterdam
Host: Femke Dekker

Sound engineering : Valentin Noiret


kombucha, the buch brothers, jasmine K, tea, jamsine tea, organic, amsterdam noord, green tea, fermentation, duurzame, sustainable, local, sandberg instituut, graduation show, krux

17-23 June 2017


Thijs's graduation show, who involved two new cocktails:


Dirty Tonic

A frog in a pound

skate cafe, amsterdam noord, yasmine, orange maplewood, rock and roll, concert,kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktails, amsterdam, tea, the buch brothers, sustainable,

8 June 2017


The Buch Brothers Kombucha are throwing a party! Buch Session Vol 1. We will take over Skatecafe and provide you with a feast of Kombucha Cocktails, 2 awesome bands and a way to fancy 3-Course menu.

Orange Maplewood & Yasmine are going to play covers and jam during the dinner. When the dessert is consumed ,we will kick away the tables to give a stage to Orange maplewood & Yasmine to play their own live sets.

Promo video: Nichi
Artwork: Hugo zorro

Production: Buch Brothers Kombucha & Casper van der Lans Camera/Edit: Jilles van Kleef

Audio Engineering: Domenico Mangione & Casper van der Lans Audio Mixing: Casper van der Lans & Jordy Sanger

Audio Mastering: Denis Wouters

Location: Skatecafe

Video Nichi

Production: Buch Brothers Kombucha & Casper van der Lans Camera/Edit: Jilles van Kleef

Audio Engineering: Domenico Mangione & Casper van der Lans Audio Mixing: Jim Geurts

Audio Mastering: Denis Wouters

Location: Skatecafé

kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktails, amsterdam, tea, the buch brothers, sustainable,sandberg instituut

1 March 2017


Dirty Art Department event at Sandberg Instituut: concert, exhibitions, perfomances, and of course first kombucha cocktail party with our freshly build bar!


kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktails, amsterdam, tea, the buch brothers, melkweg, otemba, sushi, sake, sustainable

26 March 2017


The Buch Brothers Kombucha at the Melkweg partners of the Otemba Sushi Session with a custom cocktail based on sake & Jasmine Kombucha.

Line up : Kez YM (official) 4lux/yore, Tako (Red Light Radio/NL), Orpheu the Wizard (Red Light Radio/NL), Norihiko Kawai (Posivision/JP).

the buch brothers, jasmine K, kombucha, organic, sandberg instituut, amsterdam, healthy, sustainable

2 Febuary 2017


Opening day of Sandberg Instituut where we brew our drink, so we are also open for tasting and celebrate this partnership!



24 Febuary 2017


Kombucha tasting & instalation celebration at Café de Ceuvel.



15 December 2016


De Groene Reis door de Stad #3 Expeditie de Ceuvel.

We are invited to participate to the 3rd edition of this mobile event to present our vision of the kombucha and share  how this fermented drink can be a real sustainable product from a production perspective while revealing tea flavours.

 the buch brothers, kombucha, café de ceuvel, cocktail, pastry, financier,raw kombucha, organic, local, amsterdam noord, jasmine K

29 october 2016


Third event for The Buch Brothers team at the Kuuroord at the Ceuvel, specificities of this time : a new flavor the "pear and nettle" limited edition, a dedicated cocktail for this one and some pastry to go with the drinks.

(Walnut financier, nettle spice, home-made meidoorn jam.


 the buch brother, Kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, cocktail, gin tonic,local, amsterdam noord, jasmine K

2 october 2016


Second event for The Buch Brothers at Distelweg to present our raw kombucha "Jasmine K" this time also serve as a cocktail.

We worked on four alcool base, infusions, and the kombucha to finish the drink. 

The "Bloody Fizness" came spontaniously to be the seasonal cocktail &  our interpretation of the  gin tonic made of kombucha, blood orange and gin.


tuinen van west, the buch brothers, kombucha, raw kombucha, organic, local, amsterdam noord, jasmine K

25 september 2016


First event for The Buch Brothers in the garden of "Mijn Stads Tuin" in west. They grow amazing veggies, fruits, flowers all in organic and invite us to present our first stable and pretty well balance "Jasmine K.". First time our product goes out with us to talk about fermentation and taste on a garden.

To be continued !